Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WAPL High Octane Crew 2009 - The Lineup

Ladies and gentlemen... boys and girls... children of all ages. It is with great pride that I unveil the three local drivers that “Your Station for Speed” will sponsor for the 2009 racing season...
Actually, you already know them. But I’ll talk ‘em up anyway.

John Meidam

John’s back in his #3 Super Late Model at Wisconsin International Raceway. He drives for beer. You can’t go wrong with that.

Todd Verhagen

Freedom’s own “Tiny Terror” once again pilots the wheel of his #52 Limited Late Model at WIR. This year he’s going to have the best crew ever because I get to be part of it. I think. Maybe they’re just humoring me. Anyway, these are last year’s colors. I’m trying to talk him into black and red for this year. Wish me luck.

Scott Mullen

Scott is our lone dirt driver with his #1 IMCA Modified. You should see him whip that sucker around the track. Sometimes the front wheel is so far off the ground in the turn you’d swear he was gonna flip the car.

It’s good to have everyone on board again this year. As soon as I get updated pictures I'll post them on the High Octane Crew page... and no, I haven't fixed the pix there yet. I will soon.

Get ready. We light ‘em up in less than a month.

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