Monday, October 12, 2009

I've Got Mail - October Edition

Golly dinglefoot! I just love getting mail because then I can share it with you and maybe we'll all learn something. This is an e-mail I received from... well... we'll call him "Sim Jevero" of Oshkosh. Due to the "complexity" of the missive, I'll break it down to address all his queries. He writes...

Comments: YO WHAT UP? Are you a real DJ or just a over gloi - f- ied tape player?

First off, musically WAPL went from vinyl straight to CD in the late 80s. I think the last time tape was used at WAPL was in the late 90s and by then it was well on its way out. So I'll answer 'no' -- I'm not an "over gloi - f- ied tape player". And I don't know if "gloi - f- ied" is supposed to be how the kids are saying "glorified" these days but I'll chalk that up to a typo or someone who has a hyphen fetish. "Sim" continues...

How is it you can not answer the phone? Or maybe they take that responsibilty away from over night?

I get this often. My listeners' main issue with me is that I don't answer the phone. Guilty. I wont lie to you, gang. I don't answer the phone because I think that the person calling is going to be critical of my work or possibly drunk and belligerent (which never happens after midnight). But after getting this delightful e-mail, I don't know what I was ever worried about.

It is all nice you help out the morning show but what about your show? Maybe that is why U are still the night ...

And I believe this is where "Sim" was distracted by a rogue moth and proceeded to chase it around the apartment with a rolled up newspaper, hitting the computer keyboard and inadvertently sending his e-mail before he could rattle off a really serious burn. Tough luck.

If only my job was about playing music this wouldn't be an issue but unfortunately my other duties here at the station have me out of the studio during the show so I don't get to answer the phone. Hope that clears things up and I'm sorry for those of you who let the phone ring for an excessive amount of time just to be denied. But if you're still upset about it think about this. Is it really some huge thrill to talk to me anyway? Most people who know me don't think so.

Keep sending those e-mails! And I promise to be more diligent in my page updates, too. I've been so friggin' lazy about it.

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