Monday, May 31, 2010

Ross' Wacky-Ass Vinyl Find of the Week

Here's one for Len. Actually, it may belong to Len's since I found it here at the station.

He was no fool. He'd never get the attention of the promoters in the highly lucrative world of polka music with a name like Joe Oberaitis. It may as well have been "Joe Blow". Not to be daunted, Joe renounced his birth name and took a step into the flashy by anointing himself "Mr. Polka Dynamite". And the rest is history. Look at the new found confidence brought on by his career choice. You can tell that he's ready to take on the polka world with such hits as "Dancing Doll Waltz" and "The Golden Kielbasa", a tune which I hope I never find out the backstory. And backed by his polka posse, there's no stopping this wildman.

God bless you, "Mr. Polka Dynamite"... and your polyester gang of four. You make our weddings and ethnic festivals something to remember.

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