Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Go Big Reds

Nebraska in the Big Ten Conference. Outstanding news. Having relatives who were transplanted to the Omaha area for many years, Nebraska has always been my number two behind Bucky. They will fit right in and I welcome the huge thorn that will be stuck in the side of Iowa with this move. That's going to be a great rivalry.

Nebraskans are as passionate for their Huskers as Wisconsinites are for the Packers. The Huskers are their pro football team. Tom Osbourne is a god in NE. And they know how to party. I was in Omaha over Labor Day weekend last year which was the same weekend as their first game and we were invited to my cousins in-laws for a tailgate party. Beer, tons of food, a sea of red, TVs on everywhere. It might not seem any different than what we do here but when every house up and down their road was doing the same it really says something about how important the school is to the people of Nebraska.

The Nebraska fan attitude is a lot like how it used to be here with the Packers. People didn't care how Green Bay did. Sure, there was frustration many times but we loved our Packers regardless of final score or division record. Then around 1992 and the influx of "bandwagon fans" that attitude became tainted. There's this pure love for their team that Nebraskans have that I don't sense as much anymore here. It's too bad but I guess it was inevitable.

In any event, I'm looking forward to having Nebraska around. They and their fans will fit right in with the Big Ten attitude. Welcome... and "Go Big Red"!

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