Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Disclaimer

As part of us having a new top-o'-the-line kick-ass website, the suits want to employ one of the many features of our new cyber-playground by having the WAPL airstaff start 'blogging' on a regular basis. I get it. It's the 'in' thing right now to rope off your own little slice of the internet and fill it full of long-winded, sometimes egocentric propaganda so that everyone can be exposed to your unsolicited opinions and philosophies. And if there's anyone in this world that can dish out mindless drivel like that, it's me.

But I'm not sure they really thought this whole thing out. In the studio we can turn on a microphone, tell you the last song that was just on or talk about the latest concert and it's relatively safe banter. But giving us the internet and the freedom to delve a little deeper into other subjects has the potential to get a little dangerous. I mean, isn't that part of having a weblog? To share your innermost thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world? And since the WAPL staff -- unlike other stations in Northeast Wisconsin -- have a personality, this has the potential to get rather interesting. Now while I'm sure management would appreciate us just sticking to posts of compelling tidbits like what's coming up on our show, reviews of concerts or movies we just saw or the occasional funny animal pic, well...

...I won't always play nice that way.

This doesn't mean that whenever I post something its going to be so controversial that my job will be in jeopardy. And by no means is it a knock on my coworkers 'blogs' since the keeping of a weblog
at wapl.com is new to us all and we're all going to be expressing ourselves differently. (See, that's personality). Just don't look for me to subscribe to a 100% sanitized "feel-good blog-of-the-year" mentality. There's going to be occasions when things need to be said that other people will not say and since I'm not afraid to be the bad guy, I'll -- for lack of a better term -- "drop a dime" on somebody. (I AM hip. Thanks for noticing.)

Seriously, don't get me wrong. I'm not out to tick people off 24/7/365. But I've never been accused of suffering fools lightly and there are those times when something happens in this world that strikes me as being so outside the boundaries of reasonable logic that I'll have to share the stupidity with all of you. That way you can formulate your own opinion or we can all have a good laugh. I can't tell you when it'll happen but you'll know when it does. And it won't be about me just being a jackass...

...Well, maybe sometimes it will be.

So I'm going to take this opportunity to warn you well in advance. There will be times when you read this page and you're probably going to be offended, horrified, angry... hell, maybe all three. Just know that "the opinions expressed here by Ross Maxwell do not reflect those of WAPL or Woodward Communications". There. Now we're all nice and legal.

I know I'm making it sound like I'm ready to blast out of the gate and
right away p*ss in everyone's cornflakes but such is not the case. I feel however that if I'm lucky enough to have you as a regular visitor, you should know what you may be in for. I guarantee there's gonna be someone in this world that I'm going to rub the wrong way and my prediction is that within six months I'll be called into someone's office here at the station to explain myself pertaining something I post. Meh. I'll survive. But until that day arrives, let's start our strange and wonderful journey together with a picture of a polar bear falling on his ass...

...and we'll go from there.