Monday, January 12, 2009

Attention Fox Sports...

Take a look at this...

See that? Their animated football player ran on the field, caught a pass, made a juke, and simply raised his arm in celebration after making a virtual touchdown. It didn't point and taunt. It didn't breakdance. It didn't wear a Santa hat. And most importantly, it didn't come back after the intro.

I'm not sure if you folks do marketing research when it comes to your shows but I'll bet that if you were to ask the viewers of your football broadcasts about your robot, they'll tell you that it's annoying as hell.

But I know that mascots like "Cletus" are the thing at Fox. The NASCAR broadcasts have "Digger", the animated gopher that pops up whenever they go to that shot from the ground-level camera embedded in the track surface. It may have been mildly amusing the first time that "Digger" popped up, looked behind him and saw cars coming at him, got scared and disappeared but that was the only time. Now each time "Digger" appears I pray that somehow... someway... he gets a tire up the backside. Thankfully, I don't think Fox has a mascot for their MLB broadcasts but I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they dig up the remains of Max Patkin and digitize him for the sake of sports entertainment.

I understand, Fox Sports. It's football. People are going to watch regardless. But I'd like your games a lot better sans robot. You want "Cletus" on the intro? Go nuts. But I don't need my quality football viewing time polluted because someone in your graphic arts department wants everyone to see a cartoon robot juggle.

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